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Camp Fire Is for You

We know that every child has unique skills, talents, and interests that might not fit into your school day or even your summer program. If you are one of those kids, looking for the place where your interests, or sparks, can be explored, then Camp Fire is for you.

field-tripsCamp Fire Is for You During the School Year

Whether it is a certain subject in school, music, art, technology, sports, or just being outdoors, Camp Fire provides time during, before, and after school for you to explore your interests. Our staff is there to work alongside you, answer questions, and foster your ideas.

Gone SwimmingCamp Fire Is for You During the Summer

Camp Fire’s commitment to you continues beyond school. Our Camp and Outdoor programs provide a place for you to explore your talents, learn new skills, and experience nature. New friends are made at camp, lifelong friends who share your interests and get to experience the excitement of exploration right alongside you.