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Camp Fire Southeast Michigan is volunteer driven. Our volunteers come from all areas and provide support as club leaders, camp help, program presenters and all the other jobs that keep us going.   We also encourage school groups, organizations and corporations to volunteer in teams at Camp Wathana.  If you wish to explore volunteer opportunities please contact us now.

Current high priority volunteer opportunities include:

Club Leaders. Become a Club Leader and help youth in your community build their self-confidence and find their spark. Find out more about our Classic Clubs, our Community Family Clubs and our Teens in Action Clubs.

Office assistance: organizing, filing, answering phones. Ongoing, two hours per week at Camp Wathana.

Data entry; research. Ongoing, a few hours per month off site or at Camp Wathana.

Create a training model. Organize existing materials for Camp Fire orientation, training volunteers, etc.

Club leader recruitment. Volunteer recruiters needed for ten counties in southeast Michigan and northern Ohio. Recruit in your neighborhood schools, churches, community centers. We will show you how and provide recruitment materials.

Social media manager. Manage our website and FaceBook page.

Camp projects, clean-up. A bank of people we can draw from periodically to work at Camp Wathana where there are ALWAYS things to do! Some specific needs include carpenters, electricians, roofers, and other skilled trades; seasonal cleaning; trail and waterfront maintenance. Groups or individuals wanted!